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Wild Edible Plants

News letters
Wild Food Forum
Food Adventures - Edible Plants - Dr. John Kallas Ph.D.
"Wildman" Steve Brill New York naturalist
Back Country Rangers lists the edibles of the Sierras.
Cimarron Frontiers wild edible plants and biointensive gardening
School of Self-Reliance Christopher and Dolores Nyerges
NativeTech: Native American Technology Plant page
Country Life Herb discussion board
ANBG (Australian National Botanic Gardens)- Australian Aboriginal Trail
Aboriginal Plant Use in South-Eastern Australia
A Taste of Nature A book about common Wild Edible Plants
Naturegraph Publishers Print many fine books on nature wild edibles and American Indian ways.
pawpaws and persimmons
How's Pinenuts
My Wild Friends Free Food From Field and Forest
Edible and Medicinal Plants of Southern Illinois Belleville East High School
Southeastern Edibles J. T. Dabbs, III

Data Bases and References

American Indian Ethnobotany Database
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Plant name/range data base (USAgriculture) Plant names botanical, common, abbreviation, family, range map, states
MPNADB:Medicinal Plants of Native America Data Base
UCMP Glossary of Natural History Terms, #8 Botanical Terms
Ethnobotany resources Seattle Public Library
Poisonous Plants pictures Cornell
California Black oak data/pictures
University of Wisconsin Virtual Foliage Home Page leades to very large gopher site of plant pictures.
University of California Berkeley 20,000 images of California plants

Sources and information of native or wild plants

Native American Seed
RNGR USDA Forest ServiceReforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources 
Wild Blueberry Association of North America
California Native Plant Society
CIEER Centre For International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research

Wilderness Survival.

BOSS Boulder Outdoor Survival School
SARBCSearch and Rescue Society of British Columbia - Lost in the Woods - The 9 Rules for Survival
Hug-A-Tree and Survive
Survival bible 2001
Hoods Woods Wilderness school

Simply Survival northwest
Aboriginal Living Skills School, Cody Lundin
Mountain Man Survival


Early Technology links

Rabbitstick rendezvous
Rabbitstick / Wintercount Pictures (+ other gatherings)
Boomerangs and links
The Paleolithic Diet Page of links
SPT Society of Primitive Technology with online articles
NativeTech:Native American Technology and Art
Tom Brown Tracking School
Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School
Windsong Primitives formerly the TRIBE
Drop spindles Lollipops are handpainted handspindles

E-mail groups

Subscribe wild edible plants  forageahead e-mail group Unsubscribe
Subscribe Southern California early technology e-mail group Unsubscribe
Tom Brown Tracker Mailing List
Primitive Skills Group
Appalachian Trail / Ice age trail / Pacific Crest Trail
Herbal resources and e-mail groups
ForageAhead Wild Edible plant Group

Herb links

Cedar Creek Nature Studies
Mountain misery the Indian medicine plant the herbalists FORGOT
Meydrech Family Herbal
Red sage interactive CD-ROM guide to medicinal plants.
Alternative Nature Online Herbal MANY links and resources
Herbs For Health
Mom`s Herb Kitchen
Mears' Candida Fighters
California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism

Home School

Moore Foundation
Home Study International
The Sycamore Tree Homeschool and Catalog
Home Education Network Radio
Home Learning Around Pittsburgh

Outdoor Links.

Hiking Las Vegas get away from all that artificial stuff
Alex's OutDoor LinXs
Canoe Saskatchewan

Outdoor Magazines.

Backwoods Home Magazine
Canoe & Kayak Magazine
Outdoor Online
GORP Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

Knot and rope work links.

I have taught so many people how to tie knots I must put in a few knot links.
Animated knots BSA 42 UK
Knots illustrated
Ropeworks knots, hitches, splicing, lashing and rope making.
International Guild of Knot Tyers
Flip Flop Winch

Cool Nature and Science links

online book about the Star Date University of Texas
Aurora borealis Brought to you by (GEDDS) Geospace Environment Data Display System
Mars Pathfinder project
Tide Tables for USA
NOAA Tide Tables More compleate and complicated
Hawaii volcanos
History of Mathematics
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab (for Kids) (optimized for greedy Microsoft)
Darwinian Theory and Natural History
Experimental Support for the Design UC Santa Barbera
Book Excerpt by Phillip Johnson who has an interesting way of looking at this subject.
brush FIRE can be good (California Native Plant Society)

Pioneer Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Other links.

The Bottle Inn of Dorset England hosts The World Nettle Eating Championship
Viewers for Quality Television
Giardia lamblia
treating Hypothermia equipment
medieval collectibles
Desert SW USA
OCB Tracker Powwow's etc. (California Native News)
Frontier and Pioneer days of the American West
Jeff Davis Show and New World Order
World Wide Wilderness Directory
Information and articles on a wide range of outdoor activities

San Gorgonio Wilderness Association

REI Home
Nature is calling road side stop
The Veg Web BoardCooking over a Campstove
Thermos Cooking (Kurt Saxon)
Cindy Renfrow Medieval cookingNatural History photographer's addressesGordon Thomas
La Sierra University
Loma Linda University
North American Pathfinders
Boy Scouts of America

Child Protectioon

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