Winter Count
February 10-16, 2002 and 
February 16-22, 2003
September 15 -21, 2002 and 
September 14-20, 2003 

Come and celebrate our Rabbitstick! Join other potters, knappers, archers, atlatlers, felters, trackers, foragers, drummers, basket makers, hide-scrapers, tanners, storytellers, fire dancers, and many, many other primitive technologists and enthusiasts for 7 days of classes and fun on the historic Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

Named after a simple tool used extensively by western natives and, in a modified version, by aborigines all over the world, the rabbitstick leads the world as one of man’s earliest and longest lasting tools. As each ancient hunter would pass his knowledge and insights on to the younger generations, so to have people come to our gatherings to share their lessons and insights with other instructors and students. Come and experience the tradition! in Rexburg, Idaho

September 15 -21, 2002 and
September 14-20, 2003
Cost $245 now thru Sept. 1  $50 more after Sept. 1

Winter Count is a similar conference but is a dry camp (no river) about 50 miles from Phoenix Arizona off Maricopa Rd.

February 10-16, 2002 and
February 9-15, 2003
Cost $245 Late registration or gate $50 more

No Drugs, Alcohol, or Pets
Fee covers  Camping,  2 meals per day, and basic instruction.
Fee does not include project material fees that may range from free to $100.

Names of all people in your party"__________________________________________________________

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Phone: _______________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________

How will you be traveling to the site?
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What type of lodging will you be using?
 Camper    Tepee    Yurt    Truck/Van    Hotel    Anywhere

When do you plan to arrive?

Do you plan to use our shuttle from Idaho Falls?  No      Yes
(If yes, please send us your travel itinerary)

Cost: (Number of people in your party X $245 or $50 more if after Sept. 1)
 Shuttle fee from airport (if applicable): Total due:

 Check or Money Order enclosed
 Charge credit card #  _______________________________
Exp. Date: _____/_____

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

When completed, send form with check or money order payable to
P.O. Box 905,
Rexburg, Idaho 83440.
Upon registration, you will be sent additional information and travel instructions. Questions.' Call us at (208) 359-2400.

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