Dining on the Wilds 
Miriam Kramer

Miriam Kramer's edible wild plant ventures began in 1966 in Paducah, Kentucky. Miriam's late husband, Jack Darnall, had been invited by their church to teach a wilderness survival seminar. Since Miriam had taken Botany courses and had a big interest in wild flowers she was asked to teach the edible wild plant portion.

After that first wilderness camp the news spread like wildfire and soon they were getting calls to conduct camps all over the U.S. For a number of years they used vacation time to teach the camps, but finally had to devote full time to the project, and conducted camps and seminars all over the U.S. and a few foreign countries. Miriam has taught edible wild plants in 27 states as well as Peru and other faraway places.

Besides conducting week long camps and weekend seminars they developed the International Wilderness Club, made a 16 mm movie Prepare for the Storm, published the Survivaling Journal and later the Come Out publication. Together they wrote the Wilderness Survival Manual and the Wild Plants to Eat Workbook, and Miriam wrote the Dining on the Wilds Reference Manual. They also produced the popular Wild Plants to Eat slide as well as the Mushrooms to Eat slide set. Miriam has also written 8 correspondence courses on edible wild plants, survival, herbs and natural remedies.

Besides being featured in newspaper articles, Miriam has had several articles published in journals, and has been listed in "Who's Who in American Women" and several similar publications.

Early on Miriam decided there was a need to share the knowledge of the experts so with $25.00 she started a mail order book business, Outdoor Eduquip, which has been stated to have the most complete inventory of books, visuals, and videos on edible wild plants, herbs, backpacking, mountaineering, survival and country living available.

Miriam was the head teacher of a wild edible plant class for Loma Linda University (Spring 1991 - Spring 1004). The class became very popular not only with the locals but with individuals coming from outlying areas as far away as 100 miles. The class appeals to a large spectrum of people (ages 5-85) from doctors to old ladies with walkers, and has had sessions of up to 65 in attendance.

She moved to Washington state in 2004 and has been waiting the great resurrection since, Saturday September 24, 2011.
Miriam Ruth Ditzel Darnall Kramer - We Will Remember You YouTube tribute.

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