Internet honor badge

(proposed) Internet Pathfinder honor

(proposed) Advanced Internet Pathfinder honor

    1. Write a web site, without the aid of a HTML editor, of at least 3 pages in HTML using these commands properly <HTML>
      <IMG SRC="..." > using GIF and JPEG files
      <A HREF...> for internal links, links to other files in your site and links to files in other sites.
      The site should include frames, tables, ordered lists and unordered lists.
      Use text formatting commands such as. (H1-6, B, STRONG, I, EM, P, BR, HR)
      <META ...>
    2. Install and setup, for use with an Internet service provider, a browser and E-mail program on a computer.
    3. Give a brief history of the Internet.
    4. Make an animated GIF image and one using a transparent color.
      What can be done to make GIF files load from the web faster.
      When is it better to use:
      a. JPEG image files
      b. GIF image files?
    5. Use FTP and news groups