A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

of Eastern and Central North America

 A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

Peterson Field Guide 23
by Lee Allen Peterson

 Descriptions and illustrations of more than 370 edible wild plants found in eastern and central North America, plus 37 poisonous look-alikes

 Over 400 drawings and 78 color photographs show precisely how to recognize each species

 14 habitats are described in full detail, with plants in each habitat listed by season for easy collecting

 Preparation directions for 22 different food uses, including cereals, jams and jellies, teas, and many others

 In my opinion this is the best for the east. It is the book I used extensively when I lived in Michigan and Ohio, and studied plants in surrounding states. This book has use symbols in the margin that indicate the use of the plant.

 ISBN 0-395-31870-X

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