Botanical name spelling dictionary

The plants of North america are numerous and have unusual spellings by the common English vocabulary standards.   Often one only reads the name making it harder to remember how it is spelled.  Being a creative speller anyway I decided to make this list of plant names so that my spelling checker will stop bugging me about them.

This list is only for North America.  It was not intended to have plant names from other places.  However it would have parts of names from other places

To use this list your spelling checker will need to:

The following files are made from this zip file.

readme.txt installation instructions, etc. 2 kb
famssp.dic  family, sub species names, etc. 44 kb
genera.dic genera names 69 kb
speic1.dic species names a-l 107 kb
speic2.dic species names m-z 97 kb
E-mail for a trial the zip file 103 kb ($5 if you keep it)
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