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Stellaria media

chickweed flower (Stellaria media)Is an annual herb with slender stems that are up to about a foot long. It has smooth stems with 1 row of tiny hairs growing in a row on one side of the stem that switches sides at each pair of opposite (oval with a point at the end) leaves. The flowers are small and white with 5 petals that are so deeply notched that they look like 10 petals. The flowers open mainly on sunny days. Chickweed likes to grow in moist shady soil in the cool/cold seasons of the year. The sap is not milky. Some people think it looks similar to the toxic sandwort.

Chickweed has a very mild taste but can be quite stringy; so cut the stems in short lengths and enjoy a fresh wild salad rich in iron and Vitamin C. It can also be cooked or used to make a chickweed bread

Chickweed has been used to treat bronchitis, coughs, colds, hoarseness., it has been used as a diuretic for kidney and bladder problems. Many herbalists use chickweed to help in weight control because they claim it dissolves fat deposits and faty tumors.

Externally, it is used in the form of a poultice or ointment and applied to boils, ulcers and abscesses. The fresh juice has also been used to dissolve warts and other skin growths.

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